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Author Topic: The way it played out (I may have change some of the tone)  (Read 1441 times)

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Theta sits down next to your corpse, she tucks her knees in and wraps her arms around them, then begins humming.

» You muster up all your strength and stand with a groan.
» You are about to feast upon some nearby corpses when you are suddenly repelled by the strong smell of chemicals.

~^X^~ says: B'aaaargngnhaaaa

Also here: A Mantis Armored Vehicle.

~^X^~ says: Gnnnaarrrg

You whack a Mantis Armored Vehicle with your Cricket Bat for 0 damage.

JJon says: Hhhrrrrrnnnggggg.

Theta: Oh... the MANTIS are back..

JJon says: HhRAhnnhg!

~^X^~ says: Welcome to the first meeting of flesh eaters anonymous
~^X^~: Hi, my name is X and it's been 20 minutes since I nibbled on an NPC.
Theta: Hi, my name is Theta and I'm tired of getting shot by armored vehicles.
~^X^~: My zombie compatriot is here and he says hi as well.
~^X^~: Has MANTIS been getting you down? Are you finding it harder and harder to catch a good meal?
~^X^~: Do people tend to hide inside more often lately?
~^X^~: Hunt MANTIS, before MANTIS HUNTS YOU!
~^X^~: (paid for by the Way of One)
Theta: Great ad's on the Walkies!

You try to slaughter a Mantis Armored Vehicle with your Machete but miss. (3 times)

A Mantis Armored Vehicle blasts you with its mounted gun for 10 damage to your chest, your Kevlar Vest absorbing 1 damage. You die.

Lambda: Hi my name is lambda and welcome to Jackass.

The Doctor is in.