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Author Topic: Suggestions  (Read 110535 times)

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Re: Suggestions
« Reply #720 on: 12:21:58 AM 01/23/17 »
Can you imagine multiple random people making changes... holy shit you think it's a garbage fire NOW...
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Re: Suggestions
« Reply #721 on: 12:23:44 AM 01/23/17 »
The main problem I see is if someone else were to work on it they would need to be totally disinterested in actually playing, otherwise, well, power trips, etc.

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Re: Suggestions
« Reply #722 on: 05:27:44 AM 01/23/17 »
SB - I actually quite like the game, hence why I play it. But I think it could be better, more in-depth, more balanced and more variety. Besides, I don't mean for anyone to make changes, only a select few.

Mams - That's valid. However, there is also the other extreme of someone who is so in-love with the game that they wouldn't pull that kind of shit.
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