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Author Topic: Suggestion Channel  (Read 1862 times)

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Free Lance

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on: 05:26:05 PM 06/03/14
I came across a crucific in a church, and  I wondered:

Wouldn't it be nice if humans could use a crucifix to impale vampires (maybe zombies as well, or another weapon for zombies, maybe the chainsaw?) with the effect that they cannot stand after a revive as a vampire, but have to hang around as humans for ... say a few days?

Because now it is very unnerving as a human to search and hunt down hidden vampires. You kill and revive them and bang, they stand again as a vampire. That's a little boring.

A player wanting to play human depend on other human players to revive him. But the vamps can just stand as a vamp ehen they acquired the skill.

Why not make it a bit more difficult for vamps and zeds to become the race they want to be, when killed with special weapons?