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Author Topic: More Helpful Consumables  (Read 1661 times)

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Scott Lynch

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on: 06:02:31 PM 05/11/14
Hi, everyone. I'm Scott Lynch. I'm kind of new here, and maybe it's not polite to introduce myself with a couple suggestions on how to improve the game, but that's what I'm gonna do anyways. I think the best way to get my point across is with a theoretical scenario. Here we go:

So I'm walking through the streets of Sterling, having my fair share of firearm based bad-assery. After a couple kills, I look down and say to myself "Damn, I'm getting tired." I have 10 ap to frantically search for somewhere to hide. I wander a few blocks, but most buildings I keep finding are barricaded. I finally find one with the doors wide open with two ap left. After spending those 2 on finding somewhere to hide in the building, I have no luck. I'm pretty much on a platter for anyone who wanders in...

Why not make cigarettes atleast slightly beneficial? I haven't found any, but judging by the wiki page they must do -1 health or something? That might be an assumption on my part, though. But what if when losing health, you gain 2 ap you might be in dire need of to hide or attempt to put up barricades with?

Scenario two. I'm waking up, minding my own in whatever hole I crawled into on my last login with full ap. Today I planned on scrounging for some ammo since I have none, but it turns out a zombie stumbled into my humble abode. I may have no ammo, but I've got a six pack of beer...

Why not get blunt melee/unarmed bonuses when you drink? Maybe not for bladed weapons, because that would seem to require a little more...finesse to use. Maybe +1 damage per drink, maybe at the cost of 2-5% accuracy each beer you down. With vampires getting combat bonuses for each kill, why not get some use out of the simple vices us living take for granted? Plus, I think it'd be a nice aesthetic touch to the game.

Feel free to criticize and shoot down  8)


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on: 06:43:51 PM 05/11/14
I think we might be able to add an item that takes away HP in return for AP, but it'd have to be powerful enough on the HP side to avoid folks exploiting it in coupling with Medkits.
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