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Author Topic: Maintaining the Power Plant  (Read 20583 times)

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on: 07:35:10 PM 12/05/13
I actually had another idea. I think it's better but may require marginally more work. Plus it frees up a 2x2 tile building for a Serling Servals football stadium!
Electrical Substations. They're one tile each and each suburb gets one.
Make it just a flat 2 or 3AP for [Flip Master Breaker].

Here are the things I think about it:
*It provides a much closer, more easily maintainable objective it could be more actively fought over.
*It provides LOCAL objectives. Maybe a vampire group wants to maintain the destruction of their local substation for ease of hiding and humans want to maintain the good condition of theirs. They both fight over them and who knows, maybe we get some gameplay other than Lonewolf deathmatch
*They'd need to be made centralish. As something you can protect. So an enemy group can't just dash in and destroy it.

All of this. I wouldn't mind seeing more buildings in Serling that have a purpose for being there, and a stadium/ multiple smaller plants would help flesh out this oddly situated map.

Also. Perhaps this is a stupid suggestion, but maybe make a skill for knowing how to turn on the power plant (It's not like those things have a big button inside saying "on") or have a necessary item/rare drop you have to pick up, like a master cable or something, to turn on the PP. I mean, if you make it 1 AP to turn on, might as well make the process a bit of an adventure.

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on: 07:00:18 AM 12/06/13
Actually it wouldn't be bad for there to be a skill for the undead to turn it off