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Title: Hello all!
Post by: GoCart on 12:50:45 AM 04/10/17
Hello all, I'm new to the game and had a few general questions (and yes, I know there is a separate introduction thread, but I'm not simply introducing myself).

So, what's the state of the game? I see that there's few active players with a long time since any updates or official announcements, yet the mod/developer seems fairly active on here. Are you still supporting the game much, or mostly onto other projects at this point?

Looking between the wiki and some posts (granted, I haven't read everything), it seems like there's still quite an air of mystery for information (crafting recipes, for example). What's the deal--still trying to keep the remaining players somewhat engaged? I ask, because I'm moderately interested in updating a few things, but want to know if there's even much point (no offense).

Anyway, I am interested in the game. Played similar ones way back in the day and find this nice from all the mobile games now days. Hope it keeps going on for a bit longer :)
Title: Re: Hello all!
Post by: Roly on 03:14:56 PM 04/17/17
mammon and slime don't seem interested in this game at all anymore. Some of us that have been here forever show up for a few weeks /months at a time.  I am on one of my longest streaks since I started playing. It's a cool game, hopefully the player numbers will continue to rise to the point that mammon gets interested again, but I doubt it. 
Title: Re: Hello all!
Post by: Mammon on 03:33:32 PM 04/17/17
I got too much shit to code as it is. -_-
Title: Re: Hello all!
Post by: Roly on 04:04:39 PM 04/17/17
I got too much shit to code as it is. -_-
Any games?
Title: Re: Hello all!
Post by: Mammon on 04:46:16 PM 04/17/17
You mean you aren't playing it?

Shit, you've missed all those test weekends, then.

Sucks to be you, man.
Title: Re: Hello all!
Post by: Slimebeast on 05:14:45 PM 04/17/17
We have a project we've been working on. It's my secret hope that things we learn can some day be applied to Hell Rising in a sort of "rebirth", but Mammon and I haven't even talked about that yet and I don't know if it'd happen.

In the meantime, Hell Rising has events, etc. going on for every major holiday and I change stuff up for the really big ones.

Mostly, for me it gets discouraging to add stuff and nobody really uses it or even mentions that it was added, etc.
Title: Re: Hello all!
Post by: Roly on 10:55:01 AM 04/18/17
I imagine there are still things nobody has figured out yet in it's current form.

 I don't game of anykind on weekends so I didn't miss shit.
Title: Re: Hello all!
Post by: GoCart on 07:32:59 PM 04/22/17
Well thanks for the replies, especially mammon and slimebeast. Nice to see that you still take a little interest in your "baby" even if it is a small community. For my part, I plan on sticking around for awhile at the least and trying to find what I can in the game.

Found a Mortality today, but a quick search on here let me know that this wasn't a groundbreaking achievement. Just to confirm, there is nothing in-game that tracks your achievement progress right? I see that this has been addressed before and mostly comes down to not being worth the time to implement if it hasn't been already, but hey, the Pokémon syndrome always adds a bit of extra fun for those completionists.

While I'm not at "endgame" yet, I've started a bit of crafting. Really hoping for a Baseball Bat+Barbed Wire+Vile Serum=Lucille combo. I guess I'll find out whether the developers are TWD fans or not, lol.