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Title: Abuse
Post by: wolfman on 02:32:51 PM 04/19/17
Hi would the administrators care enough to IP ban this guy, i think his main is Lone Boner, made like 40+alts and spam 27.0 like a retard. His alts include the group The Alts, the one with the biohazard symbol with characters all start with "drone" and characters with a single letter different from all the players. He probably have more characters and is clearly zerging and abusing it. If i have to play with this real life loser all the way till level 74 i would rather just play another game. Thanks.
Title: Re: Abuse
Post by: Mammon on 02:50:05 PM 04/19/17
It's too much work to try and get rid of these guys, because then they'll just get even more annoying, so I gave up years ago.

Might as well play something else.
Title: Re: Abuse
Post by: Roly on 03:58:56 PM 04/19/17
no worries dude they always go away if u just ignore them.. block all of them in chat, and don't even bother killing them in game
Title: Re: Abuse
Post by: Slimebeast on 04:51:41 PM 04/19/17
There are 6 accounts on Lone Boner's IP. This means either the other 34 people were different people, or he has accounts on changing/multiple IPs, which would mean we'd have to have every name, check them all against each other to see which share IPs and which are legitimately different people, before we'd even be able to look into what's going on. -_-

Unfortunately, if someone wants to be a nuisance on a free game, it's tough to keep them out. Instead of buying a new copy of the game every time they're outed, they just have to change IPs.
Title: Re: Abuse
Post by: Mammon on 08:24:22 PM 04/19/17
I already know that these guys just swap proxies all the time, it'd be incredibly difficult to stop them completely.

If this were the sort of game where you really needed a lot more time to invest in each character, then banning them *might* discourage them, but really you can make a new character in this and fuck around immediately, so it's tough to figure out how to fix it.

In the beginning we had you get email verification for each account which *maybe* helped a bit, but these days it is incredibly easy to just make throwaway email accounts.

Seriously, probably the only thing that would help with this sort of thing is putting a price tag on each new account, and nobody wants that.

The thing that really amazes me the most is how much time all these people seem to have to devote to something like fucking with an old, pretty obscure browser game. I mean, wow.
Title: Re: Abuse
Post by: Roly on 11:32:10 AM 04/20/17
People who have no life will always try to start drama in yours.
Title: Re: Abuse
Post by: wolfman on 11:37:02 PM 04/20/17
Got it, thanks for reply, going to try another game, well i haven't log in since i post. Please tell Lone he is a no life loser.
Title: Re: Abuse
Post by: Slimebeast on 11:38:16 PM 04/20/17
Will do.
Title: Re: Abuse
Post by: Billy Bubba on 01:58:34 PM 10/04/18
I'd support a $5 fee for each character created...even retroactively...if it were to cut down on the trolls. Of course, they seem to have drifted away again after driving off half of the recovered base.
Title: Re: Abuse
Post by: First World on 06:02:41 PM 10/16/18
Im not in favor of retroactive paying accounts. No reason or anything.