Author Topic: A few collective ideas to balance the game, and make it more realistic.  (Read 2271 times)

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Now I'm sure over, and over everyone who is an average player of Hr has heard, thought, or said "OMFG VAMPS ARE SO OP!" Well here is a few ideas that I think will help this.
1. Bloodlust should be changed so only player kills affect it as any noob can kill a few NPC's, and go 2-3 KO anyone.
2. Guns should gain some range. At the most maybe a two tiles away. 1 tile would be good. This would allow humans to run, and gun. As if this were real life vamps, and zoms are made for melee while squishy human bodys are more fragile, and this tactic seems what would really play out, with melee as a last resort.
3.Humans should be able to shoot out from inside a barricade at a 1 tile radius. If this were real humans would set up defences, and peek outside, and if they saw anything they would fight tooth, and nail to make sure nothing gets in. Other game play styles still work, but this would make holding places integral like the pp or even a place like the fort more possible to hold. Instead of putting up defences, and cowering inside. Any ideas to add to these are welcomed. I hope to hear ideas to broaden the game a bit more, and still make it balanced. -Trane1723 A.K.A. Slurmbeast&FenceHitler
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