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on: 03:13:07 PM 11/14/14
Since I messed around with a lot of things in this update I fully expect lots of bugs, so please report any you find on the forum.

  • Human skill, "Craftsmanship" - Enables higher skill crafting recipes and shows hints for recipes.
  • Zombie skill, "Snap Attack" - Gives a chance to bite multiple times.
  • Various weapon improvements
  • Various NPC "improvements"

  • Being killed by an NPC zombie or vampire will now always change you into the respective race
  • Dazed accuracy changes will now show up on weapon list
  • You will get credit from someone dying of Burning, etc instead of just Infection
  • Fires should die out if there's nothing left to burn
  • There is now an indicator for fires on the map (might change how this looks)
  • Weapons can now be found with ammo already in them
  • Dying while infected should always turn you into a zombie
  • Crafting list now sorts recipe items alphabetically

Bug Fixes
  • Hopefully squashed Dazed not going away bug for good (Probably just made a whole bunch more bugs in the process)
  • If you have more than one condition it should now give a message after actions for each of them
  • Giving a loaded weapon to someone won't make the ammo mysteriously disappear anymore

Known Issues
  • Ammo filter may not work entirely correctly now due to weapon changes
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