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Author Topic: Hell Rising is back! (for now?)  (Read 2984 times)

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on: 09:33:23 PM 08/29/13
On Jan 1st, 2013, Hell Rising was closed after six continuous years of free play.

The reasons for this action were many, but now after nearly a year of down-time, I'm taking up the challenge of trying to get the game back in shape.

If the player base is/remains large enough and people are enjoying themselves more than they're being frustrated, I will try to get things operating efficiently. Right now there are periodic crashes, caused by the Hell Rising script.

We have a new city, "Serling", which is much smaller and AP is regenerating slower at 1 AP per 5 Minutes.

However it turns out, this should be an interesting ride!
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on: 02:17:55 PM 05/23/14
Wait for it, waaaaaaait for it..... jk ilu <3