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on: 07:32:24 PM 04/03/21
Hey hey hey. New to the site (just joined today) but hopefully posting something will bring this thing back to life.

I'm a fan of Slimebeast's work, both for his Disney stories and also his own reimaginings of classic characters, not to mention his countless other works like Lost Media, Funnymouth, and Whimsywood. I have to thank Creepypasta for introducing me to him. I was a fan since 2012, practically its heyday. Slender: The Eight Pages was being mentioned on famous gaming sites, Slender Mythos ARGs were everywhere, and specially-made fanart was abundant.

However, it was impossible not to notice a change, come 2013 and 14, there was less emphasis being placed making original stories, and instead more time devoted to simply reimaging or showing different perspectives of famous characters like Jeff the Killer and Eyeless Jack. Not to mention the abundance of OCs on DeviantArt of Killers and Proxies trying to recapture the magic and pizazz of their predecessors. Then came the idea of the Creepypasta Mansion, where the cold-blooded psychopaths engaged in harmless sitcom shenanigans while Slender Man had to play the role of deadbeat dad. Come 2015, I kinda drifted away for a while.

Let me be fair in saying that I wasn't opposed to the idea on principal. The OCs could be fun and interesting, I'm sure the artists that weren't making Sues were cool people, and the parody comics were worth a chuckle. Still, I felt Creepypasta had overgone a transformation that didn't necessarily change it for the better. People were too caught up in making OCs that they looked and sounded like Batman villains (which isn't to say that Batman villains can't be effectively scary, but I'm talking less Dark Knight and more 60s movie). I suppose they were just trying to emulate the flair of classic 80s slashers like Freddy, Jason, and Mike Myers, but they lacked one crucial ingredient: FEAR. Not many of these guys I would consider to be properly intimidating to make a solo story about, and the flat-out Mary Sue ones were straight out of ludicrous Seinen Anime. Plus, the idea that all these freaks and killers live together in a mansion and prank each other undermines the horror aspect. Yeah, they'll say it's a 'parody', but too many people took it as gospel that it was canon. And don't get me started on the Slender Brothers, or how even in the lore they apparently called themselves, in all seriousness, "Creepypastas" like a race in DnD.

But I've come here to do more than rant. In fact, DnD may play a role in this.

What if we played the idea of a Creepypasta Expanded Universe completely straight.

The Mansion exists. The Slender Brothers exist. The countless fan-made Proxies and Killers exist. But they're all nothing like the fanbase imagined them.

Partially intended to be a tabletop RPG project, the Creepypasta EU idea is meant to take the famous characters from the stories, fanart, and even Slender ARGs and put them in the same space. Hell, I might even include some of the infamously bad OCs and stories in there as well (obviously, I'm going to have to do some heavy editing to make them even remotely plausible, let alone frightening). But not just the famous and infamous. I'll also be including bastards and beasties from stories that, while recognizable, have never been able to join the Creepypasta 'Pantheon", as it were. Specimens like the Expressionless, Mr. Bear, Jeremy the Time-Looper, and that sick fuck Tommy Taffy.

I've had some thoughts and ideas on how to remake the characters and themes, but I think I've talked enough so far. Needless to say, it's a world being silently overun by psychopathic murderers being manipulated by eldritch gods. If you want more specific details on how I'm going to do this, or want to provide tips and advice, feel free.

Make Creepypasta Scary Again!  ;D :bleed: