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Title: Gravity Falls?
Post by: audrei9 on 10:14:22 PM 10/22/17
I'm Audrey.
I'm new to this place.
I've always been into that TV series, Gravity Falls, because it seemed a good way to introduce the concept of supernatural stuff to kids who were way too young to see horror movies.
I recall that the first few episodes were the best, but then it seemed to wane off after a while. I was hoping that they would follow the X-files more, but they went and made it more like the rest of Disney's cartoon's in order to attract a bigger audience.

Ever since it ended, I kinda felt empty so I started writing stories about it. It felt wrong though, so instead of writing fanfictions I started writing about the real life stuff that happened to me.

Somehow, it became a really scary story.

People said it should be on creepypasta.

I haven't finished it yet, should I post it here when I'm done?
Title: Re: Gravity Falls?
Post by: audrei9 on 10:19:27 PM 11/05/17
Update: It's ended. Somehow, I wish I hadn't started it. People are sending me anonymous emails pretending to be from the story, and trying to scare me.