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Title: My Robot Masters (1 of 8)
Post by: Slimebeast on 03:14:36 AM 10/30/13
A while back, I wanted to write a short horror story (CreepyPasta) about a Megaman video game entitled "Megaman Wreckage". It would've been similar, in ways, to the world-famous NES Godzilla Creepypasta.

However, I decided to drop it quickly once I realized the scale of the pixel art was going to be more than I wanted to get into - with levels for each boss, tons of bosses, other original enemies, etc.

I produced 48 "Robot Masters". Here are six of them...


Master of a forest-mountain level, Buck Man has the "BUCK SHOT" weapon. Enemies on his map would've been robotic versions of various forest animals. Nothing too inventive, there.


Master of the robot graveyard (yes), Bury Man would lead legions of Robo-Zombies. (Computer-virus-infected robots with lurching strides and a taste for memory chips.)


Eat Man is an (hopefully) obvious homage to another game. Master of a haunted maze level, Eat Man's most deadly attack would be traveling off-screen, then coming back in full circular "Eat Mode".


Master of a volcanic lair, Erupt Man would sporadically - you guessed it - erupt with boiling blasts from his head and hands. Again, nothing too special about him.


A horrible mutant failure, Fail Man is given the task of defending all of Dr. Wiley's past mistakes from the prying eyes of saboteurs. Of course, this job is basically just a ploy to keep Fail Man occupied and out of public view. His weapon, "TWIN FACE", repulses enemies in all meanings of the word.


Master of Dr. Wiley's new mind-controlling product plant, Fizz Man sprays a deadly "FIZZ BURST" that forces enemies in random directions by covering them in a cloud of bubbles.
Title: Re: Robot Masters 1 of 8
Post by: Týr on 03:36:10 AM 10/30/13
It was pretty cool all the way up to this:


From 'Neat' to 'What the hell' in .02 seconds.

Why, Mo? Why?

Title: Re: My Robot Masters (1 of 8)
Post by: Slimebeast on 04:00:42 AM 10/30/13
At a certain point it can be weird/creepy/funny(?) to break from what a legit game would expose kids to, etc.

Fail Man is probably the furthest out there, so at least that's over with.