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Author Topic: My Robot Masters (2 of 8)  (Read 2581 times)

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on: 10:10:07 PM 11/01/13
A while back, I wanted to write a short horror story (CreepyPasta) about a Megaman video game entitled "Megaman Wreckage". It would've been similar, in ways, to the world-famous NES Godzilla Creepypasta.

However, I decided to drop it quickly once I realized the scale of the pixel art was going to be more than I wanted to get into - with levels for each boss, tons of bosses, other original enemies, etc.

I produced 48 "Robot Masters". Here are six more of them...


Master of a disorienting map that constantly inverts itself, Flip Man is one robot with two heads. The one that works is whichever's on top. His weapon would've allowed Megaman to flip enemies to the ceiling. Broken, but fun.


This sullen-looking fellow never touches the ground, and instead would've picked at you from on high. His special weapon would've let him inflate, then over-inflate, the hero. Pop!


Poor Flush Man.


Spraying Megaman with slowing foam, the aptly named Foam Man's general shape should obviously bring to mind a fire extinguisher. His FOAM SHOT would've allowed Megs to 'put out' fire and laser traps, rendering entire areas hilariously harmless.


Forest Man is a bit of a mecha-survivalist. He lives deep in the woods and writes manifestos about technology. The irony is lost on him. His weapon would be a bit less direct and would've allowed Meggy to do what he does - hide motionless in background tiles.


Head of Dr. Wiley's ultimate "extinction squad", Geno Man would've been met during an epic onslaught against the human race itself. The level would've been one of those annoying forced-movement ones, where you have to chase Geno down as he obliterates little people during progression.

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