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Author Topic: My Robot Masters (5 of 8)  (Read 2603 times)

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on: 12:09:53 AM 11/28/13
A while back, I wanted to write a short horror story (CreepyPasta) about a Megaman video game entitled "Megaman Wreckage". It would've been similar, in ways, to the world-famous NES Godzilla Creepypasta.

However, I decided to drop it quickly once I realized the scale of the pixel art was going to be more than I wanted to get into - with levels for each boss, tons of bosses, other original enemies, etc.

I produced 48 "Robot Masters". Here are six more of them...


Float like a feather, sting like a laser cannon. I figured Cut Man and "Rock" needed a Paper friend. It may have been done, I don't know. Paper Man folds himself into a plane for diving attacks.


Another one of my favorites is "Past Man", a dinosaur guy from Dr. Wiley's own personal Jurassic Park. Because I said so. Past Man's arms are pretty useless, but his chomp attack deals heavy damage.


Subverting the naming scheme in an attempt to make it seem like a legitimate "import" character, Pillar Man is of course based on a Caterpillar. He weaves delicate (yet deadly!) thread, and can cocoon his enemies...


...Or he can cocoon himself! After defeating Pillar Man, the story would've forced the player to then go to Cocoon Man's world, where the robot is reborn and ready to fight all over again. Cocoon Man would have had powerful armor and ram attacks.


Once again, after defeating Cocoon Man, the next logical step is a confrontation with Moth Man. The bot refuses to go quietly. :P Moth Man would have "birthed" wasp robots, which made at least a little bit of sense if you spotted the wasp parasite eggs on Cocoon Man's back.


Ruling over a constantly shifting, confusing-as-hell Escher drawing of a map is my beloved Puzz Man! He's a bit confused, himself, as you can probably tell... but when he manages to turn his "face" the same color, he gains incredible powers! He'd be pretty much defenseless, however, while shifting the squares.

The "official" description of Puzz Man was going to be: "He's been in Wiley's Madness Maze for so long that he's forgotten how his face goes." :hurr:
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