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Author Topic: My Robot Masters (3 of 8)  (Read 1615 times)

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My Robot Masters (3 of 8)
« on: 06:11:57 PM 11/03/13 »
A while back, I wanted to write a short horror story (CreepyPasta) about a Megaman video game entitled "Megaman Wreckage". It would've been similar, in ways, to the world-famous NES Godzilla Creepypasta.

However, I decided to drop it quickly once I realized the scale of the pixel art was going to be more than I wanted to get into - with levels for each boss, tons of bosses, other original enemies, etc.

I produced 48 "Robot Masters". Here are six more of them...


Na na na na na na na na, Ghost Man! Found in an animatronics-filled haunted house (perhaps abandoned by Disney or something), Ghost Man would vex the player by disappearing and reappearing. Sometimes he'd pop up behind Megaman for a damaging scare. :P


You may be seeing somewhat of a theme, here. Fighting your way through a farmland stage (complete with robot crows) would've lead you to this handsome fellow.


Inhabiting your standard seascape, Hide Man... you guessed it... hides in his invulnerable shell.


The robotic lumberjack here would have been found in a saw mill level with plenty of buzz saws in the floor and walls. His main attack, other than the literal hand-axe, would have been the ability to send one of the aforementioned buzz saws across the floor. Fun to have, if you think about it.


Leech Man loves to belly-flop onto his enemies and suck their energy dry with his lovely tummy-mouth. :)


Mantis Man is probably pretty self-explanatory. He leaps, flies, and hacks at you with his handy-dandy scythe arm. I like his overall look... sort of like a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles extra or something.
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