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Author Topic: Mini-Fail! - Pongeth  (Read 2580 times)

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on: 03:35:12 AM 01/01/13
What do you do when you can't get anyone to collaborate on a complex gaming project?

You reinvent Pong.

Then you fail anyway.

This was the story behind the idiotically named "Pongeth", a game in which two knights bounced a spiked projectile back and forth using their shields. Whoever missed had said projectile hit the castle wall they were defending!

Meanwhile, innocent passersby walk down a dirt path amid the fray. Hitting them with the projectile would yeild points. If you hit a trader carrying a barrel, he'd drop it and release power-ups you could grab! This included a larger shield, faster or slower speed, even arrows you could fire at your enemy. Among the walking fodder were peasant children, ogres, and even the King himself!

I'm pretty proud of some of the concepts here, if not the ancient pixel art that doesn't exactly hold up well compared to what I'm doing these days.

Check out the Peasant Child's death animation... I still love it...

After the initial project faultered and FAILED, someone came along and decided to completely rip off the concept and artwork. They edited the art, making it much worse if you can believe it, and passed the game off as their own work and entirely their own concept!

Luckily they didn't get much farther than I did, and later on a member of my forum created an actual legitimate demo with input from yours truly. :)

(Hit me up if you read this, Whatley! I lost it in a hard drive crash some years ago... want to get it back and link it here!)

So, maybe this is a happy ending... maybe it isn't. The line between "FAIL" and "NOT-FAIL" can be a narrow one.

Here. Enjoy the sprite sheet:


Found it!

Click here to try out the quick demo! Be sure to click "Instructions", and be ready for a few random bugs here and there.

Rock & Roll!
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