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Author Topic: Mini-Fail! - F.A.R.M. & Pandora Rox  (Read 2270 times)

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on: 02:03:27 AM 01/12/13
A while back, the people behind the graphic novel anthology "Once Upon A Time Machine" put out the call for submissions. The theme was classic fairy tales and folklore, set in the far future.

I came into it a bit late, but was determined to submit at least one prospective "short story" for the project. In speaking with someone with "Once Upon..." I found that they wanted positive, upbeat stories only.

My first try, "Pandora Rox", was certainly upbeat to the point of sickening. It was rejected with the compliment that it was "the best story we've rejected". XD It featured the mythological "Pandora" as a cloned pop star who feels like there's something more to the Universe than rehashed auto-tune tripe.


Second, I made a slightly darker attempt with "F.A.R.M.", a retelling of "The Ant & The Grasshopper" featuring an aimless drifter musician - in space - who lands on a seemingly desolate desert planet where a strangely ant-like humanoid is gathering food.


Oh - that was rejected, too.

I still like F.A.R.M., though Pandora Rox is a bit too cutesy for me, now.
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