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Author Topic: Ink-Shot, a Geeky Brush with Greatness!  (Read 2673 times)

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on: 01:26:47 AM 01/01/13
Recoil in fear! It's Hordak's Oceanic Henchman!

Rendered by Royalt1us.

The coolest Masters of the Universe character that never existed? Oooooh! Mysterious, yet confusing, yet boring. Try to stay awake, though.

Every so often, I like to "challenge" myself creatively. Sometimes this means creating "fan characters" as an excercise to see if I can appropriately capture the look and feel of an actual property. Ideally, the end result would be something that could, in theory, have passed for an actual part of that "universe".

Ink-Shot, seconds before he sexily shook out his
tentacles and approached James Bond.

Such was the case with "Ink-Shot". A Masters of the Universe (He-Man) forum had a yearly contest where people would submit their own characters, and the winner would be sculpted as an actual figure. It's less about fandom than it is about testing myself for the ability to work on material owned and envisioned by others.

Ink-Shot here made it to the final two, but was done in by that year's winner.

People ended up liking the character enough to draw their own versions of him...

Rendered by SuperMunkeyBoy.

...and sculpt their own custom figures of him...

Made by Faceless One.

...and so on.

Made by Madtinker76.

I didn't enter the next competition. Voting got really weird and a few folks were really snotty about it, going so far as to say I stole the design from the previously existing action figure seen below...

If stuff is ever a squid, that's theft.

Plus, at a certain point I got banned from the forum. ;D

Will we ever see Ink-Shot again? Perhaps. You may someday travel the realms of Scroll Wars and encouter his familiar betentacled mug in pixellated glory...
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