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on: 02:01:42 PM 05/12/14
Stephen Chow made one of my favorite films, Kung-Fu Hustle.

So on that note, I decided to try my hand at writing an insane Kung-Fu comic featuring everyday folks with amazing powers.

Also, lots of weird comedy.

Thus, TALK TO THE FIST was born!

TTTF centers on a failed trainer, Hank, who has hit rock bottom. Mostly because he's terrible at it. He discovers a new young martial arts master slash comic geek and decides to throw the kid into danger for his own purposes.

Grant Baumgartner did some really cool character concepts that'll give you an idea of where this was going...

I really wanted to go far with this one, having Hank and Noodle travel the globe defeating hidden champions. It's full of little film and video game references, but hopefully not so much it becomes a normal "spoof".

Nothing really to say about the fail. Same story as always, hard to find an illustrator, especially one with time to work on a project. Maybe some day this will be something!
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