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Author Topic: Fail! - Strength in Numbers  (Read 2629 times)

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on: 03:42:51 AM 01/01/13
A few years ago, I was talking with Chris Fason about coming up with an ongoing super-human comic. You may remember Mr. Fason from the Hellslingers fail article. I'd say our collaborations seem cursed, but honestly my projects in general seem cursed.

To that end, I came up with "Strength in Numbers", in which a normal young man discovers he has super-powers. Nothing crazy so far, right? Well, that changes when he additionally finds out that he's one of a hundred clones created from the DNA of a super-hero who was killed decades ago.

Each cloned child was "activated" or brought out of stasis at a different point in time and was adopted out. The idea was that this created a group of super-heroes who would have "normal lives" until the day one of them was chosen to replace the dead Superman-like hero I previously mentioned.

Hundredman, the fallen hero.

Each cloned person had only ONE of the fallen hero's famous "100 Powers". From fire breath to flight to telepathy, Hundredman had it all... and much to the annoyance of the organization that created the clones, each copy was only capable of manifesting one. What's more, ONLY that clone could have that ability... so if one dies, that power is gone forever.

And boy howdy do they die.

Golden Fleece, Hundredman's occasional comrade in arms.

At the beginning of the story we're introduced to an aging hero by the name of Golden Fleece. We also happen to see a mystery figure killing off the Strength in Numbers clones one by one.

Spoiler: It's Golden Fleece, sickened by the program's defiling of Hundredman's legacy and his very genetic material. As a bit of a hint, Fleece's real name is "Keith Miller", or "I'm the killer" jumbled.

So what killed this project? Why is it a "fail"?

Well... as it turns out someone else had done pretty much the same thing a couple years earlier.

DAMN IT, UNIVERSE. You are my constant nemesis.

You can read the first (and only) two issues here: (Which cuts off at the point "100 Girls" came up.)
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