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Author Topic: Fail! - Nocturne MMORPG  (Read 2499 times)

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on: 01:47:09 AM 01/01/13
In the 90s and early 2000s, 2D Multiplayer Games were... acceptable.

Hot on the heels of one such game being shut down, some friends and I set out to make our own similar game.

That game was "Nocturne". The concept was as simple as could be. "There's a warrior, a wizard, a sorceress, and a thief. Pick one and walk around."

I won't bore you with the 2D pixel art I made for this game... mostly because I have no idea where it is.

Instead, allow me to share with you the concept art from a brief period where we wanted to switch to full 3D MMORPG glory.

The chief matter at hand was naming our 'company'.

Ah! The perfect amount of teen douchebaggery. Moving on.

The first model on display is a particularly menacing Spectre...

"Hey! Hey! Everyone just CALM DOWN, okay?"

Next we have an Ogre apparently in search of a Banjo...

"Beans is good."

And lastly, the ubiquitous Zombie...

"Did I hear the can opener?"

The above modelling work was completed by a long-time friend, "Eight", who came aboard only to see the whole concept get canned.

Unfortunately, we could never really seem to pull together on the project. Not for lack of trying. The dream of Nocturne had quite a few incarnations, but it was simply never meant to be.

When we finally did go our seperate ways, Eight remarked that we had seemingly "found something better to do" than making an online game.

To be fair, this was around the time I started meeting bunches of ladies. (Yes, bunches. Like grapes.)

...holy hell.

... Even though I somehow managed to look like this...

Nice sever we're having. I MEAN WEATHER.

I miss the 90s SO FREAKING MUCH, you guys!!! D:
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