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Title: Fail! - My Flesh Crawls
Post by: Slimebeast on 02:24:32 AM 01/03/14
A while back, regular co-conspirator Sean Thornton and I worked up a submission to this anthology:

You had to write them with info about yourself and a short blurb about the comic you wanted to submit, and supposedly they'd get back to you.

I wrote a short "Tales from the Crypt" styled comic which would eventually be titled "MY FLESH CRAWLS".

You can check out the script here:

Sean delivered a couple awesome pages so we could show off to the anthology folks, as well!

[attach=1] [attach=2]
Click for large files I don't even feel like resizing.

So now we have arrived at the fail.

A long time after filling out the info, I contacted the anthology folks again to see if they were close to a decision. You can guess where this is going, I'm sure of it!

That's right!

They'd already decided and didn't bother to let people know. When I asked how they chose entries just based on short notes about what people planned to do, the reply was that they just looked up who the creators were and chose that way... nothing to do with the material.

That's how it works, folks!
Title: Re: Fail! - My Flesh Crawls
Post by: CreatureOfEvil(and pies) on 02:45:05 AM 01/03/14
well that's an asshole way to chose who wins... I bet u will though mr Abandoned by Disney :P
Title: Re: Fail! - My Flesh Crawls
Post by: Slimebeast on 08:34:14 PM 08/06/14
That's how the comic industry works, unfortunately. Even down the smallest indies it's more about how many sales YOU can bring them than anything they can do for a creator.