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Title: Fail! - Love Monster (Series)
Post by: Slimebeast on 11:35:24 PM 06/11/14
More failure again! This time it's part fail, part win, part fail, all fail. :)

You may have seen a comic I wrote a while back entitled Love Monster ( It's a way-out-there tale about a "Nice Guy" who's in love with a girl that only has eyes for "Monsters". Except she actually, really, really, likes actual real monsters. As in, monsters.

I won't spoil the whole story, in case you want to check it out FOR ONLY 99 FUCKING CENTS. :P

Anyway, there was potential for an actual "Love Monster" series, and I scripted a second issue plus a mini-comic prequel. However, the illustrator had taken other work and I was left scrambling to find a replacement. No one really worked out. The usual problems surfaced... disappearing people, folks who made drastic story changes with no notice and for no reason, etc.

There was even a comment that Pearl, the female lead, was written wearing "too many clothes" despite it being fucking Winter.

So here's some things.

PREQUEL SHORT: "Late Penalty (" (No Spoilers.)

(I LOVED these pages...)

SECOND ISSUE: "Hard Cider (" (Major Spoilers, read issue 1 first.)

(My original sketch of the villain, Johnny Evil-Seed.)
(Final product)

Eventually, I just plum gave up. Too many artists came and went, the original Love Monster book wasn't even PROMOTED, sales were poor, and there were just tons of reasons to move on to something else.

The series would've explored many other characters and storylines, including Bob's "path" from (Spoiler) to full-on (Spoiler) when his past catches up to him.

Oh, well! That's Love Monster, folks.
Title: Re: Fail! - Love Monster (Series)
Post by: TorsoFullofBees on 06:34:23 AM 06/24/14
Oh wow!  I didn't realize you wrote Love Monster!  I picked that book up on Comixology a while back and absolutely loved it!  It's a shame it doesn't seem there will be any more comics, though I appreciate the chance to read the unproduced scripts for the prequel and sequel.
Title: Re: Fail! - Love Monster (Series)
Post by: Slimebeast on 01:05:39 AM 12/25/14
Thanks. And yeah, it sucked that the series/project died. :(

Also, late reply.