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Author Topic: Fail! - Knight Club: The Bat & The Crow  (Read 5123 times)

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on: 08:50:30 PM 08/06/14
Many years ago, I did a forgettable, stupid, and piss-poor webcomic called "Knight Club". It featued a bar called The Dragon's Gullet, in which several adventurers would drink their problems away. It was further inspired by characters and plot lines I had created for one of the first graphical multiplayer internet games.

It featured Sir Carter, the super-self-satisfied genius... Ted, the brutish, piggish, foolish armorer... Leron, who loved the romance of being a knight more than the actual work... and the cliché-named Chance, the actually-talented warrior who carries the team.

The webcomic sucked.

From that, however, sprug one of the most fun comic scripts I've ever written.

Knight Club: The Bat & The Crow!


In this story, the four main characters from the deceased webcomic finally left the bar and went on an actual adventure. They were hired by a mysterious man to retrieve an equally mysterious artifact... which was guarded by two of the most powerful wizards to have ever lived.

Wizards who trapped each other in crow and bat form, in the tower with the artifact, forever.

Granted, this was a looong time ago, so I have no doubt there are things I would change/edit currently.

Art by the lovely Sean Thornton:

Of course, the journey is full of peril - the comedic kind - with living chunks of stone, obnoxious talking doors, and zombies after more than flesh...

As with most things, the project of course failed. (That's why it's here!) Publishers promised to take a look ASAP, then promised again when I got back in touch, and again, but yeah. That was years ago.

Not exactly waiting by the phone.
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