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Title: Being Creative: The Pixar Premise
Post by: Slimebeast on 03:47:22 AM 01/01/13
Pixar makes great films.

Pixar also makes films with the same basic plot over and over again.

"Experienced/older character trapped in dull life undergoes task/journey with inexperienced/younger character who annoys them." - Every Pixar Film Ever

Toy Story:
Old toy who's never left Andy threatened by newer/fancier toy who repeatedly insists he's not a toy, they have an adventure.

A Bug's Life:
An ant who doesn't fit in within a colony on an island(!) meets a group of insane performers and mistakes them for (experienced) warriors, which they are not. They have an adventure.

Monsters Inc.:
Experienced monsters who have never questioned their corporate master(s) vexed by stray child who won't stay put, they have an adventure.

Finding Nemo:
Clownfish with dark history is afraid to leave home, meets constantly inexperienced (no history) surgeonfish who constantly says the same things, they have an adventure.

A fantastic duo of experienced crimefighters, trapped in dull "normal" lives, have an annoying hyper son and a sad-sack monotone daughter, they have an adventure.

I didn't see this.

A rat who's well-versed in the art of cuisine leaves the small cottage he and his family seem to have inhabited for generations, meets a young, inexperienced, bumbling chef, and they have an adventure.

An ages-old robot that lives in a hoarder's paradise and spends every day doing the same useless task meets a newer robot unfamiliar with Earth that (annoyingly) doesn't reciprocate his affections. They have an adventure.

An elderly man who's lived in the same house/neighborhood for his whole life is pestered by an eager young scout, they have an adventure.

Didn't care to see this one, either.

And that brings us to...

Wreck-It Ralph:
A bruiser from a retro (old) game is tired of going through the motions of the same gameplay, he meets an annoying young girl. They pretty much have an adventure.


So now you have everything you need to write your own Pixar-styled plot synopsis! Some would say that the most difficult part of coming up with an original story is that first spark of inspiration.

Now it's as easy as filling out a MadLib!

"A(n) ______ who is tired of ______ goes on a journey to ______. Along the way, he/she meets a(n) irritating ________ who constantly ________!"


A SNOWMAN who is tired of BEING BUILT IN THE SAME YARD EVERY YEAR goes on a journey to FIND THE NORTH POLE. Along the way, he meets an irritating REINDEER who constantly HAS HIS NOSE LIGHT UP AND BUZZ WHEN THERE'S TENSION!

An ELEPHANT who is tired of LIVING IN THE ZOO goes on a journey to FIND HIS TRAVELING CIRCUS PARENTS. Along the way, he meets an irritating PETTING ZOO GOAT who constantly LEAPS UP AND PERCHES ON ANYTHING TALL!

And so it goes.

Is Pixar the only company to re-use this format over and over again? No. Any given children's character leaves home on a journey and meets strange people. However, they don't repeat the exact same "Experienced person stuck in a rut meets inexperienced and aggravating youngster who accompanies them like a sidekick".
Title: Re: Being Creative: The Pixar Premise
Post by: dnewbold on 01:24:39 PM 04/14/13
"A(n)aging, rusted cyborg with no voice who is tired of hiding from robot killing caveman like - humans, goes on a journey to the primitive human market type place.   Along the way, he/she meets a(n) irritating young girl who constantly unscrews parts of his rusty body!"

I have been working on this one a little -

Title: Re: Being Creative: The Pixar Premise
Post by: dnewbold on 03:57:35 PM 04/14/13
main character guy
Title: Re: Being Creative: The Pixar Premise
Post by: Slimebeast on 06:55:38 PM 04/14/13
See, there you go! XD