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Title: Bananja: The Yellow Knight Ripens
Post by: Slimebeast on 10:07:07 PM 11/17/13
Who is... the Bananja? Click here ( for the original article!

Well, it's that time again! Time to get excited and apprehensive and pissed off and depressed and excited again, because it's another installment of "Slimebeast tries to work with other people"! :D

Way back when, I created/designed Bananja for the October Toys ( fan-created minifigure like, "OMFG".

Me draw pretty like brain damaged walrus.

It... it didn't go well...

I won't rehash what was in the other article, and will instead start from where it left off. Bananja was in another voting round, and didn't do very well vote-wise. George Gaspar, owner of October Toys, had sculpted the figure so I asked him a couple times if he'd be willing to release it with me as a stand-alone minifig.


I got put off a bit on it, until after the second vote. As it was concluding, I messaged George one more time and mentioned that it looked like Bananja wouldn't win this time, either, so maybe he and I could figure out how to co-launch the toy.

Aaaaand the reply from him was that he didn't bother reading my PM.

So anyway, my response to that was basically to SMH, shout YOLO, and twerk madly away forever, tongue lolling.

Soon after I left, George apparently cast a bunch of copies of the Bananja figure and posted a picture... saying how it was so sad I left, because now nobody could have this awesome toy.

Sucks to be you, customers!

It was pretty passive-aggressive, and when I popped back in to call him on it, he said it wasn't just me... he makes lots of copies of lots of figures just in case one breaks.

(However, I haven't seen any photos of those posted up.)



Fast-forward to today, where a possible [REDACTED] project with [REDACTED] folks might enable Bananja to live once more! (Yeah, it's a secret mostly.)

Bananja has been re-sculpted from scratch by a great sculptor by the name of Billy Parker. He's responsible for some flippin' sweet figure designs in past OMFG voting rounds! There have been a few departures from the original design, but I can't argue the end result looks anything less than amazing.

So... some day soon... you might be staring at this lovable mug sitting on your desk...

Don't let him SLIP away. HURR!

Also, he is plotting to murder you.

UPDATE: Not happening.
Title: Re: Bananja: The Yellow Knight Ripens
Post by: Slimebeast on 10:02:16 PM 08/15/14
Update: Cancelled, naturally.