Author Topic: In Comics in Color... April Fool!  (Read 7961 times)

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on: 12:18:42 AM 04/01/13
No, this isn't a joke! April Fool, along with Strong Suit, is one of Old Soul's closest friends. She's dopey and fickle... well, at least until the exact moment someone or some thing says "April Fool's!" and your criminal scheme comes crashing down around you. She's been one step ahead the entire time, and you thought she couldn't walk and chew gum!

If I should live until I wake, I pray the web my death to fake.


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on: 01:05:29 PM 11/05/14
Ok, starting from the top with the power grid:

April Fool

Intelligence: 4 Gifted It's quite clear from her description she's intelligent but with no super gadgets I'd suspect she's just shy of genius level.

Strength: 3 Athletic she doesn't look super ripped and there was no mention of super abilities so from that picture I'd just go with her being able to lift twice her body weight.

Speed: 2 Normal no flight or superspeed abilities mentioned

Durability: 2 Normal she heals like anybody else

Energy Projection: 1 None, as far as I know she has no energy powers

Fighting Ability: 4 Experience Fighter I don't think she'd be a hero if she didn't think she could handle herself, but I don't know if she's Mastered a Single Martial art (That takes a lot of time and she seems pretty young.)

This is my judgement, feel free to discuss and maybe we can find just the right levels for her.